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Welcome to our swinger tube blog. Below you will find original swinger stories (written by my husband and I)  and swinger tube videos along with some hot swinger photos.

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When we moved into our new home the first people we met were our next door neighbors. They actually helped us unload our things. Don is the kind of guy that is fun to be around and for a man he was handsome, his wife Tina was sociable yet a little reserved.

Don invited us over for drinks the next weekend and a friendship developed. My wife is hot; she gets noticed where she goes. I am ok but my one redeeming attribute is my cock. Once I put it in you, I pretty much own you. I can last as long as I want and boy do I love to fuck.


Swingers Fucking Next Door | part 2

We had moved into one of those neighborhoods where the houses are really close together and one night it was great outside so we left the window open and then forgot about it.

I really gave it to Sue that night, she kept yelling Kirk, oh Kirk, and I had her in full overdrive. I fucked her pussy till she begged for it in her ass and then I sat back and watched her suck it for a good half hour.

We made so much noise that the whole neighborhood probably heard us. I told her in explicit detail how great she was and how much I loved her sucking my thick cock. I was grunting and groaning when I finally released my hot load into her mouth.

The next day was Friday that began a long holiday weekend. We had no idea how our romp last night was going to lead to a fantastic weekend.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 3

The next door neighbors (Don and Tina)  invited us over  for a barbecue on Saturday.  They have a great outside area with a  pool and patio enclosure. They have one of those outdoor cooking areas and when we got there I could already smell the food.

Tina saw us and came over to greet us. I could not be sure but it seemed the hug was a little long and she really pressed into Sue. She turned to me and  pressed those great tits of hers into me. We normally hug with our arms and no press of flesh. Don came over and he shook my hand and pulled me into him, we hugged which we had never done before and then he hugged Sue. The way that he hugged her I could tell he wanted some of her.

That piqued my interest and I decided to play a little. Sue was standing right there so I put my arm around Tina and I let my hand caress the side of her beautiful breast. She did not pull away and she even turned toward me, allowing her other breast to rub against the side of my chest. I looked over my shoulder more to get a better feel of Tina’s breast and to check out my wife and Don. He had his arm around her and taking my cue, my wife was turned a little toward him. Her nipples were rock hard and jutting out.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 4

I asked if I could play bartender and everyone gave a resounding yes. I went toward the back door and Tina followed me, saying she would help. When we got inside she said that they had heard us the night before and it had turned them on so much that Don had fucked her better than he had in ages. I decided to bite and kept flirting with her hoping she would go into more detail about what Don had done her last night. Of course I imaging it and getting hard standing there.

Tina also told me that right now Don was talking to Sue about the same thing. They wanted to hook up with us and if we did not think it would get weird we could make it a once a week or twice a week occasion.I couldn’t believe the way she was talking about the whole thing – like we were organizing a game night. But more than that I thought Sue would probably up for it since I new she had been thinking about it since we had moved into the neighborhood.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 5

Feeling that she had invited me, I walked over to her and I put my hands around her and cupped her ass. I put my mouth on hers and slid my tongue into her mouth. Then I started to grind my huge cock into her belly, making sure she got a good feel of what she was in for, before I broke away.

As I walked to the door to find my wife I asked her to finish the drinks and then come out. I walked outside and Sue saw me coming, she looked down at my very noticeable hard on and she smiled. As I walked to her I gave her my inquiring look. She shrugged her shoulders and tilted her head. I stepped into her and I gave her a huge kiss, then I undid her halter top and I turned to Don, the look on his face said it all.

I invited him into my wife’s arms and he was trembling as he started kissing her. I turned back to the house and when I walked up behind Tina and pressed my cock into the fabric of her shorts, she pushed back into me and I slid my hands to her breast.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 6

Her tits were fantastic, her ass was firm, her legs were long. I nuzzled her ear. She wrapped her arms backwards around me and gave my nice round mans ass a good feel. I stepped away and led her to their bedroom.

She set about getting undressed in a slow and seductive way. I stepped out of my shorts and shirt, I don’t wear underwear and I had on sandals. My cock was sticking straight up in the air while I watched her strip tease.

She was almost as good looking as my wife, but there is fact that the love connection I have with my wife  was not here. I wanted to fuck this woman, but I knew there was going to be problems later. I knew that she was going to love my cock and that I was fixing to fuck her so well that once or twice a week was not going to be good enough.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 7

I knew that after this woman felt my cock fill her pussy I was going to be able to have her any time I wanted.  She crawled up on the bed still being all sexy and everything. I let her suck the head of my cock into her mouth and then I pulled her up.

I got her on her back and then I gave her tasty snatch a couple of slow licks. Then I put the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, her legs were spread and she was all eyes. At this point I had no idea how well endowed her own husband was, but I was sure that she was pleased by what she saw waiting at her pussy this very moment. I put the head in and she was tight. I mean really tight. I pulled it out and kept teasing her, putting a little in and then pulling it out.

She began to arch her hips and moan – begging me to fuck her and she was getting louder about it. She started talking real dirty to me, demanding that I her fuck her now. It was so hot to watch my cock tease this new pussy that I wasn’t going to rush it.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 8

We had only been in the room like 15 minutes when in walked her husband and my wife. They stood at the side of the bed but Tina did not even notice them.

Enough of teasing her; I finally stuck my cock into her and then I sled in an inch and then another and then another. She was so excited that she had already cum and now she was coming again.

I looked over at her husband and he had a good sized cock himself. He had been stroking his cock watching us and he had not lasted very long, shooting his hot load on my wife’s bare ass.

I looked at my wife and she was watching my cock disappear into Tina and it looked like she was getting into it. I caught her eye and while we looked into each others eyes, I started fucking Tina but good. Then Sue broke eye contact and was getting a good look at both Tina and I. I could sense that she was approving of the way I was fucking our neighbor, as if cheering me on.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 9

Don got hard again and they climbed on the bed beside us. Sue started playing with Tina’s tits and I felt Dons hand rubbing on my ass.I couldn’t believe what was happening – but it was so hot!

I kept stroking his wife; I was going from left to right and varying the angles all around the inside of her tight pussy. At this point she was trying to focus on her husband beside me but I could tell it was hard for her with me fucking her so hard.

Don was behind my wife and I decided to roll over Sue. I got in behind her and started fucking her doggy style. I kept varying the strokes, Don saw what I was doing and started moving his hips around as he fucked my wife. I was watching his cock fuck her pussy and she was shaking her ass just like when I was behind her. She was giving his cock hell.

He was watching my much bigger cock slamming into his old lady and she was making noise, not just a little noise as she was jamming her ass back into my cock and she was telling me how great my cock felt. She was coming again and again.


Swingers Fucking Next Door – part 10

My wife had kind of gotten accustomed to my cock. She would only come a half a dozen times during one of our fuck sessions. Don was fucking her good and I could tell she had already come a couple of times. I was sure that she was really enjoying something new. No matter how good we were for each other, we couldn’t deny that swapping was super exciting.

I saw Don arch into her as he moaned real deep and dumped a load in her pussy.It sounded and looked like he was cumming better than he had in real long time.

Sue pulled away from Don’s slick cock and slid underneath Tina. She was licking her pussy while I fucked it. Tina put her head in between Sue’s legs but I don’t think she was doing to good a job, not with my cock slamming into her.

My wife stuck her arm under and grabbed my balls. I pulled out of Tina’s pussy and I put it in her even tighter ass, she was in a different world or I knew she would be feeling her ass come apart with my huge cock in it.

Don pushed his wife a little to the side and he started fingering Sue and licking her pussy. I kept fucking his wife’s ass and Sue kept licking her pussy and squeezing my balls. I fucked her ass for a good twenty minutes and by that time all her weight was on my wife. I gave her ass a couple final slams and I shot into her. It was beyond great.

We kept at it like that all weekend. We made plans to get together again mid – week. All that fucking just made us horny for more. I knew that once I could get my cock into Don’s ass that the four of us were probably going to be sharing houses.